This is me


I am a Computer​ ​Science​ ​student​ ​with​ ​a​ ​profound​ ​interest​ ​in​ Big Data, AI & ​Information​- ​ and Software​ ​Security.​ Currently I am pursuing​ ​Masters​ ​Degree​ ​in​ ​Software​ ​Systems​ ​at​ the Norwegian​ ​University​ ​of​ ​Science​ ​and​ ​Technology.

More often than not I am coding and working on various projects. If you want to learn more about what I do, you can check it out here.
I am also quite the fan of HackerRank, and I tend to post my proposed solution here.

If you want a full resume you can probably find what you want on my linkedIn profile, but if you need a PDF version feel free to send a mail.

What I Do

Generic hoto of code

I love problem solving, and I also love to write clean and efficient code. I am more of a back end kind of guy, but I do full stack programming and am familiar with a wide array of different technologies.


Big Data, Data Processing, AI, NLP and Sentiment Analysis are all super interesting topics. I have experience with Applied Data Science, building e.g. a Recommendation System. The system was built using tools such as Pandas, SciKit Learn and NumPy.
I am proficient with various languages including; Java, Python and C#.
As for databases I am knowledgeable with both relational system such as MySQL, and non-relational systems such as MongoDB.

I am knowledgeable with different types of Git Workflows, including pull request reviews etc.

I also do quite a bit of full stack Web Development. As for web servers I am familiar and proficient with both Apache and Nginx. I also work with different frameworks and tools including, but not limited to; Node.js, React, Laravel and Vue.js.
Oh, and I want to be searchable on PHP and JavaScript as well.

If you want a website, I am most likely going to recommend a solution using WordPress as CMS.

Android development is fun, and I've made a few applications you can get on Google Play Store. If you want to learn more you should check out some of the Stuff I've Done.
Working with Android I tend to enjoy using different services provided by Firebase.

Flutter is also amazing, and I have released one app built with this technology.

Security is important! I've taken a few courses and certificates in cyber security auditing and testing, and am familiar with different tools, including; nmap, Metasploit and Nessus.

Stuff I've Done

Data Science

Digit Predictor - Applied Data Science

Digit Predictor

The Digit Predictor is a project I've been working on to gain experience with applying machine learning to a functional consumer product. The user can draw a digit on a canvas, and the system will guess what digit the user drew. The system also allows the model to improve its performance by further training on the images provided by the users.

The predictor relies on a model from a deep convolutional neural network built with Tensorflow, which is initially trained on the MNIST Dataset. Both the model and web application is hosted on my personal server. As I host multiple sites on my server, an nginx service routes the requests to a Flask backend framework (Python) through uWSGI, which is responsible for handling requests sent to the web app.

You can test out the application on The code from the project is openly available on my Github.

Titanic - Machine Learning By Disaster

Machine Learning by Disaster is a challenge hosted @ Kaggle where the participants are tasked with predicting survivability of passengers. The challenge is a common entry point, and it is also one of the first challenges I participated in. My classifier was able to achieve an accuracy of ~.80.

I broke the challenge down to processing the dataset and extracting relevant features (Feature Engineering), and the actual prediction. The code for my classifier is hosted on my Github.

OCR Preprocessing of TIF images

In this challenge I was tasked to pre-process three invoices for OCR. I solved this challenge using Python and OpenCV and Numpy. You can find the solution script, the invoices, my results and documentation on my Github .


I like to solve challenges, and have a bunch of solutions for HackerRank challenges on my Github.


Happy Life

Happy Life Application

Happy Life is a journal app where the user can track their mood and gratitudes over time. The user can also create and manage yearly lists for various purposes. Happy Life is built using Flutter.
You can read more about Happy Life and try it out here.


Sleep Timer

Sleep Timer Android Application

Sleep Timer for Android is a neat and free application I made to solve a problem I tended to have when listening to music from my phone while falling asleep. I also made a website for the application which you can find here. It basically allows you to set a timer either by time or countdown to stop various services on your phone, for example your music player, WiFi, or bluetooth. Quite a few people enjoy it and it has more than 100 000 downloads on the Google Play Store.

Android Firebase Register & Sign in Bootstrap

I made a simple boilerplate which allow developers to quickly get started with developing user based native Android Applications. The project contains out-of-the-box functionality for User Registration and User Management with Firebase. It also has a sleek design where developers can easily input their own logos and colors. The framework is showcased in the GIF below, and the code and documentation is freely available on my GitHub .


Photo Recognition with Cloud Vision

User friendly Android Application allowing the end-user to take photos of a thing, logo or landmark. Uses obtained information from Google’s Cloud Vision API to fetch relevant information from Wikipedia to provide the end-user with up-to-date information with no required knowledge of the object.

The code is freely available on my Github.



Automated Twitter

I made a platform where users can plan their Twitter feed and have tweets posted automatically. The platform is made using Laravel and Vue.js. Each user can add multiple Twitter accounts, and re-arrange or delete the planned tweets before their scheduled posting time.

Auto Tweet


I have written writeups for a number of CTF challenges. You can find theese on my Github.

I have obtained the following Cyber Certifications.